Cyber Love

From:- Vinod

She met me in a cyber place,
somewhere off in cyber space.
She never saw me manly face,
and we never shared a loving embrace.
Over time she learned so much,
My tender loving ways and such.
She was so afraid of everything,
I took time to put her under my wing.
She asked me questions all the time,
soon to find out no better friend to find.
She loved me in a cyber way,
she hoped I would never go away.
She saw the inside of my heart,
from all other men’s he stood apart.
There was no other just like me.
To find another, the chances were slim.
I tried to teach her deep seeded trust.
It was difficult for her, so hard to adjust.
She had been hurt from things unjust,
she didn’t know how not to mistrust.
She knew my heart was a special retreat,
the shelter there was just so sweet.
She knew she was just so safe and sound,
My heart inside was so profound.
She hoped I wouldn’t give up on her,
her pot of growth still needed to be stirred.
A friend like Me there was no other,
she knew there never would be another.
To say there is one true friend in life,
comforts our souls from endless strife.
One best friend to hold our hand,
the easiest thing of any to understand!

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