Are You Alone?

From:- Vinod

Have you spent this day…..alone?
Do you feel as if no-one cares for you?
Has no-one called you…via the phone?
And you long for Someone….. or two?

Others are so busy, with many things,
While you sit alone….in your rocking chair…
If others could only know what lowliness brings,
And how difficult it is, sometimes to bear.

A little bird comes to sit on the window sill,
And the Feathered Friend brightens your day,
God can send a little bird, as you seek His Will,
We know….God is only a Prayer away.

Our God works in mysterious ways,
And now, you find a smile upon your face,
As the little bird sings…giving sunshine rays,
You are so happy…as loneliness, God did erase.

Peace…has come into your heart, this day,
And now… no longer feel alone,
For the little bird God sent you…kneel and Pray,
You no longer find any purpose to groan.

God, in His Wisdom, looks down from Above,
And He will often send a little bird,
This is one way…He sends His Love,
To let you know…your Prayer…He Heard.

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One Response to “Are You Alone?”

  1. Les Politi Says:

    Nearly all of the important things in the world happen to be accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all

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